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USB3.0 Cable What Advantages And Characteristics?

- Jan 06, 2017 -

Recently everyone are in hot on the USB3.1 Type c interface and data line of powerful function, are is put old of USB3.0 data line and USB2.0 data line to forget has, actually they now electronic industry in the also is occupy led role, also didn't so fast was replaced of, especially USB3.0 data line advantage and features are very obviously and stable of, in for consumers provides its by needed of simple connection sex aspects up to has vital of role,

1, USB3.0, compatible with USB2.0.

2, seen from the appearance of USB 3.0 cables is more "thick", this is because the USB 3.0 cable than USB2.0 4 internal thread.

3, able to host more quickly identify the device, when used in consumer devices, USB3.0 will solve the problem of USB 2.0 does not recognize the battery-free devices. Hosts can be slowly reducing current through USB 3.0 to identify these devices, such as phone battery has gone bad.

4, fast transmission speed USB3.0 can be limited by memory storage rate transmission of large capacity files (such as HD movies). For example, a USB3.0 Flash drive can transfer data in 15 seconds 1GB to a host, and USB 2.0 takes 43 seconds.

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