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The Best USB-C Adapter Simultaneous Power And Video

- Sep 29, 2017 -


USB-C is the name for the latest type of USB connector, rather than a new USB standard itself. Unlike all previous USB connectors it works both ways round - so no more frustrating hours spent repeatedly ramming a cable into a port until you lose it and throw the thing across the room. Just us? Oh, alright. It also charges both ways, meaning that you could use a peripheral to charge a phone, or a phone to charge a peripheral.

While it's not in itself faster than old types of USB - it's just a type of connector, remember - almost all USB-C cables are also USB3.1, which means they're twice as speedy as USB3.0, which was itself much quicker than USB2.0.

It also supports simultaneous power and video transfer, with audio recently joining the gang too; expect USB-C headphones to appear in droves over the next few months. It even works with Thunderbolt 3, meaning you can use it to power and display big 4K screens. So it's basically the bees' knees on toast.

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  • USB Type C To HDMI VGA Adapter, Thunderbolt 3 Compatible
  • HDMI Female To VGA Male Converter+Audio Adapter Support 1080P Signal Output
  • HDMI Over RJ45 Cat5e CAT6 UTP LAN Ethernet Extender Repeater 1080P Adapter
  • Mini Displayport to VGA Adapter 1.8m
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