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Power Bank Mobile Power

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Power Bank mobile power

The development of mobile Internet requires the support of mobile power, in this area are mainly thin-film battery technology, piezoelectric material technology, wireless charging technology.

In the mobile Internet era, the use of the client is a very important part of its use of time, no matter how excellent performance, can not be separated from the cable power to keep the phone, tablet or other intelligent products can not be effectively applied.

In the need to improve the battery life of the time, one can reduce the amount of electricity used at the same time, such as the iPad, saving all the savings can save power, save everything can save space, but for the rapid development of IT products In the case of a real discomfort. Another way is to improve the efficiency of the battery for the product can provide more sustained battery life, the development of mobile Internet needs mobile power support, in this area are mainly thin-film battery technology, piezoelectric materials technology, wireless charging technology.

Thin film batteries

Anytime, anywhere you can access the energy source is the most ideal than solar energy. The application of solar energy is the history of mankind has been pursued by the problem. Monocrystalline silicon solar cells, although in the current stage of large-scale application and industrial production dominated, but also exposed many shortcomings, one of the most important problem is the high cost. At the same time by the monocrystalline silicon material prices and monocrystalline silicon cell preparation process, to further reduce the cost of monocrystalline silicon solar cells is very difficult.

Which produced its alternative thin film solar cells, including amorphous silicon thin film solar cells, selenium and copper cadmium telluride thin film batteries, polycrystalline silicon thin film solar cells. Amorphous silicon thin film solar cell the most important advantage is low cost, easy to prepare, because of its photoelectric conversion efficiency will continue with the light time attenuation, its instability is also very obvious.

As for the efficiency of selenium-doped copper and cadmium telluride polysilicon thin film batteries than amorphous silicon thin film batteries, the cost is lower than monocrystalline silicon cells, and easy to large-scale production, there is no problem of sharp drop, it seems that amorphous silicon thin film battery A better alternative. Only polysilicon thin film produced in the process of a large number of pollution can not be ignored, the raw materials such as selenium, indium, tellurium and so are more rare metals, to further reduce the cost of space is small.

Polycrystalline silicon thin film battery due to the use of silicon than the monocrystalline silicon less, and inefficient problem, and may be prepared in cheap substrates, the cost is expected to be much lower than the monocrystalline silicon cells, laboratory efficiency has reached 18%, much higher than the efficiency of amorphous silicon thin film batteries. Therefore, polysilicon thin film batteries are considered to be the most likely alternative to monocrystalline silicon cells and amorphous silicon thin film battery next generation solar cells, has now become the international solar energy research hotspot.

Solar film battery production costs are low, its market share in recent years continued to grow. At present, the highest photoelectric conversion rate is copper indium gallium selenium solar thin film battery, up to 20%, but with more than 30% of the theoretical value is still far apart, the main problem is the material indium, gallium distribution and ratio is difficult to achieve the desired value The

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