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MSLFORCES | Why You Need A Usb Type C MultiPort Hub

- Dec 06, 2017 -

#WHYMSLFORCES, Apple provided its own adapters, including a typically minimalist single USB-C to USB cable aka USB C OTG cable or adapter, with no power. You could connect a USB device or you could charge your MacBook, but not both at the same time. For that you needed the multi-port adapter (which you can see them on USB TYPE C Multiport Adapter). As other laptop players also adopted USB-C, a whole new category of add-ons was created for laptops – multi-port USB-C adapters, or hubs.

Few are as bold as Apple though, and while you'll find USB-C increasingly adopted by a range of Windows laptops, there are usually one or two other legacy ports as well. But you may still need a hub.

It's a simple idea to add a USB-TYPE C adapter or hub (multi-port adapter).

Before deciding what type of USB-C hub to buy, you need to look at what ports are already available on your laptop. If you have HDMI or SD card built-in, for example, you obviously don't need to look for those ports on a USB-C hub.

But it's also important to know what sort of USB-C connection your laptop has. Whether it's USB-C (also known as USB 3.1), USB-C Gen 2 or Thunderbolt 3 will make a big difference to what you can connect.

The trouble is, the type of USB-C on your laptop (particularly budget models) is not always clearly identified. Spec sheets for some brands/models list all the capabilities of a USB-C port, but we haven't found this to be the case for all. Asus and Apple, for example, provide ample detail, while HP seems lacking, in our experience. 

Budget laptops with USB-C may only support USB data but have other ports such as HDMI, ethernet, SD card slot, or VGA, so you probably won't need a USB-C hub, but the question remains as to whether the built-in USB-C port is first generation (5Gbps) or Gen 2 (10Gbps). It's largely a case of buyer beware.

Editor:Mr lawrence

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