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MSLFORCE | Why Choose VGA Input TO HDMI Output Cable Adapter ?

- Feb 17, 2017 -

Why Choose VGA input to HDMI output Cable adapter ?

Used this to feed audio and video from an older computer with VGA / DVI input to an hdmi output DIsplay , projector and other device with HDMI interface . Works flawlessly.


1. Convert any VGA signal with audio to HDMI Digital Signal 
2. Allows users to connect any computer with VGA to any HDMI TV or display and enjoy big screen on HDTV display
3. Enjoy stunning high definition video from your computer on your TV
3. Play video, PPT and documentation on Monitor/HDTV/Projector

- USB Power Supply: ≥5V 1A
- Inputs: VGA + Audio
- Output: HDMI
- Cable Length: 6 feet(1.8m) 

Support Device: PC, Projector, Older Desktop/Computer/Notebook/HDTV

This VGA to HDMI cable is designed to solving the VGA analog signal source to HDMI signal source convert issue, ideal for connecting your older desktop, Notebook or other device with VGA port to your TV's HDMI input, just using your TV as a monitor for your laptop, then hook up the VGA end on your desktop and your TV's HDMI end. You will need to tell your laptop to turn ON "dual" or "extended" or "monitor" display. 

In the laptop monitor settings, your laptop may display at low resolution on it's own monitor, but it can match what the TV could handle, which was MUCH higher than the laptop! if you select "dual" or "extended" (where the laptop monitor and the TV both display at once), then the resolution choices will only go as high as what the laptop can handle. 

Important Note: this converter is NOT bi-directional. It only converts from VGA to HDMI. 

How to use: 
1. Plug the VGA end into your Desktop/Tablet or other equipment with the VGA output 
2. Connect the USB/Audio connector to the corresponding port
3. Connect the HDMI cable to the displayer and the projector device with the HDMI interface 
4. Play the video, PPT and documentation, the image will display on the screen of the other display device

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Editor :Angel Zhao


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