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MSLFORCE | Promotion Price of Displayport to HDMI Female Adapter?

- Mar 07, 2017 -

Promotion price of DP to HDMI female adapter , No MOQ and Online shopping for the End-User , Browse online shop ; timg.jpeg Supplier of DP to HDMI cable adapter


1.DP to hdmi Cable Adapter 15CM w/IC 
2.DP Male to hdmi Female/male 

DisplayPort Cable

This is a kind of DP adapter with 15CM cable. This adapter has the ability to deliver high-definition digital audio and video to the display in packet data format allowing selective screen area updates and provides power saving features required for notebook applications. With one single cable for AV applications thus reduces cost on both the PC side as well as the display side. With the ease of the plug-and-play feature, it is user-friendly for the consumer.


1.DisplayPort v1.1 Compliant
2.Enable high quality optional digital audio transmissions
3.Supports a minimum of 1080P resolution 24-bit color depths

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