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MSLFORCE | Buy A Best USB Type-C Cables Google Apple

- Mar 12, 2017 -

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With LG, HTC, Huawei, and even Samsung making the switch to USB-C, micro-USB Android smartphones are clearly out their way out. The hot new USB Type-C standard is here to stay. Google, its partners and even Apple are starting to put this port anywhere they can. As it stands, I happen to use two devices with USB Type-C already (one of them being my laptop).

There are plenty of benefits for using USB Type-C. For starters, the port is reversible! But that is only the tip of the cable. And like ice bergs, there is much more than meets the eye in Type-C cables. They allow for faster transfers, charging, 4K monitor output and more.

Needless to say we will have to start populating our living spaces with USB Type-C chargers and accessories, but you shouldn’t just buy any cable you find online. There’s plenty of bad quality cables out there. And guess what? Some of them can even permanently damage your expensive gadgets. While Amazon recently has vowed to crack down on USB-C cables that don’t meet stringent standards, odds are that a few bad cables may still slip through, so it’s important to make sure you buy a cable that’s trusted to do it’s job as it should.

Why you need to be careful choosing a USB Type C cable

With all of this in mind, Bensong Leung has taken it upon himself to figure out which USB Type-C cables are good and which are bad. And he has some great advice, for those looking for even more options. That said, this list below highlights just a few of the great cables worth picking up — and without worry of damaging your device. You’ll notice almost all of these are Type-C to Type-A, meant for transferring data to a PC or for use with legacy USB wall chargers. For charging your device, it’s recommended to use the charger that came in the box, though the Google (and even Apple) C-to-C cables mentioned below are a trustworthy alternative.


Googler Bensong Leung ruined his Chromebook Pixel (and boy, are those expensive) by using a cable that doesn’t comply with USB Type-C standards.

Monoprice-cable-840x268.jpgTo be more specific, these issues arise when bad USB Type-C to Type-A cables are connected to a computer. If, say, a phone is set for charging at 3 amps and a computer can only output 2 amps, the phone will try to draw too much power for the computer to handle.

Things would be just fine if you had 56kΩ resistor and a system for leveling power on the cable. In this case, the phone would only try to pull out as much juice as the source can handle.

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