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Mobile Power Supply Terms Of Use

- Jan 06, 2017 -

1, move the power supply's output voltage range, although some devices have USB interfaces, but also requires you to use the mobile power supply. However, you must pay attention to your device's input voltage range, universal mobile power supply voltage output ranges from 5.0 ± 0.5V. If your device requires that the input voltage range is not within the scope of mobile power, then, it is recommended that you do not use the mobile power supply for your device to ensure that the service life of your portable power.

2, the USB connector to match, for a variety of different devices for USB data cable. So, for the normal use of mobile power supply for your device, please use the matching USB data interface.

3, move the placement of the power environment all types of appliances need to be placed in a dry, less air humidity conditions and humidity of the environment would be bad for the preservation of various types of electrical, so, to the life of your mobile power, please try to place your mobile power supply in a dry environment.

4, often using your mobile power, mobile power charging and discharging once a month, often used. You can maximize the life of mobile power.

5, shatter-resistant and shock absorption. Mobile power is actually a fragile parts, internal components can not stand the beat. In particular, to prevent accidentally landed in the use. Don't drop, knock or shake mobile power. Rough treatment of mobile power will damage the internal circuit boards.

6, prevention of cold heat. Do not move the power supply in high temperature places. High temperatures can shorten the life of electronic devices, mobile power destroyed, deform or melt plastic parts. Do not move the power stored in a cold area. When you move the power supply when working in extreme cold environments and internal temperatures rise, moisture will form in the mobile power, damaged circuit board.

7, prevention of potent chemicals. Do not use strong chemicals or strong cleaning agents or detergents to clean mobile power. Clean mobile power exterior stains cotton dipped a small amount of anhydrous alcohol scrub.

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