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Mobile Power Supply Capacity You Bigger?

- Jan 06, 2017 -

As capacity is the most important parameter affecting the duration of mobile power, so a lot of people think, mobile power capacity of bigger is better, and this time, sales ranking on Taobao search Mobile power, as you can see, those weak capacity of tens of thousands of mobile power burst, is 20,000 or 30,000 Ma. Well, bigger is a mobile power supply is OK? More than 10,000 mAh of power usually have 5 to 6 batteries we know, mobile power is directly proportional to the capacity and volume, larger, greater volume. 

So, in purchase of when to according to himself of need, if not often travel, on didn't necessary with a "brick" everywhere run has and market Shang virtual standard of phenomenon still is serious (how identification virtual standard, please reference false small series taught you how identification virtual standard mobile power a paper), bad manufacturers with high capacity blinded consumers, and products of actual capacity far below mark capacity, so for these super big capacity of mobile power not gullible.

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