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Mobile Power Standards

- Jan 06, 2017 -

1, getting ready for a purchase, that is, to mapping capacity and brand. In front of the purchasing power, we first need to according to our own needs to consider several questions: what is the specific use, is used in what occasions, needs emergency for a short time, or as a long time out and set aside. If it is used for emergency charging, then select a relatively small product, such product and easy to carry, can be charging while on the phone, but the relatively small battery capacity. If it is used for outdoor use for a long time, then you need some battery capacity products, such products are relatively large, carrying not very convenient. Of course there are medium in size, stylish products, may go on the subway or go home on the train is a good option. Brand small series to select quality assured, a good brand reputation, you can go to various professional charts to understand, of course, moving power evaluation also provides you with a list of recommended network, and compared and cat Mall sales.

2, storage medium of choice. Used in mobile power batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, iron phosphate lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries. Market, mainly the last two batteries, you cannot select both batteries before using product, both battery efficiency is very low, there is no advantage, don't buy. Lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries are relatively stable output efficiency, especially compared to the lithium-polymer batteries lithium ion batteries with a light weight, safety and efficiency features.

3, determine the conversion rate. Mobile power conversion rate is very important, if the conversion rate is too low, it means that power line losses will be very large, may be fever, even hazardous. Conversion can take a look at the power of models of evaluation, advertising claims on conversion rates as high as 90%, probably a hoax, overall conversion rate is about 85% products has been very good.

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