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LAN Cable Definition

- May 19, 2017 -

   LAN Cable Cable: usually consists of several or several sets of wires.


LAN Cable Definition 1: A conductor made of one or more insulated conductors and an insulated insulation layer to transfer electricity or information from one location to another.

Definition 2: Cable-like cables, usually stranded from a few or several sets of wires (at least two in each group), each of which is insulated from each other and often twisted around a center. Highly insulated cover. Cable with internal power, external insulation characteristics.


Cable, power cable, cable, cable, shielded cable, high temperature cable, computer cable, signal cable, coaxial cable, fireproof cable, marine cable, mine cable, aluminum alloy cable and so on. They are composed of single or multi-strand wire and insulation layer, used to connect the circuit, electrical appliances and so on.

Cable according to the photovoltaic power plant system can be divided into DC cables and AC cables, according to the use and use of the environment are LAN Cable classified as follows:

1. DC cable

(1) Series cable between component and component.

(2) between the strings and their strings in the parallel distribution between the DC distribution box (confluence box).

(3) DC distribution box to the cable between the inverter.

The above cables are DC cable, outdoor laying more, need moisture, anti-sun, cold, heat, anti-ultraviolet, some special circumstances need anti-acid and other chemical substances.

2. LAN Cable AC cable

(1) the connection cable of the inverter to the step-up transformer.

(2) connection of the step-up transformer to the power distribution unit.

(3) Power distribution unit to the grid or the user's connection cable.

This part of the cable for the AC load cable, indoor environment laying more, in accordance with the general selection of power cable selection requirements.

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