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Cable And Adapter Of The Application Areas

- May 19, 2017 -

 Cable and Adapter Communication adapter, also known as network adapter (network adapter) or network interface card NIC (Network Interface Card), but now more people are willing to use a more simple name "network card." Mainly used to connect shared resources, is a must for computer systems.

  Cable and Adapter At present, the Ethernet card has 10M, 100M, 10M / 100M and Gigabit Ethernet. For large data volume network, the server should use Gigabit Ethernet network card, this card is used for the connection between the server and the switch to improve the overall system response rate. And 10M, 100M and 10M / 100M card is often used to buy and commonly used network equipment, the price of these three products is not much difference. 10M / 100M adaptive means that the network card can be automatically negotiated with the remote network device (hub or switch) to determine whether the current available rate is 10M or 100M. For the usual file sharing applications, 10M network card is enough, but for future possible voice and video applications, 100M network card will be more conducive to real-time application of transmission. Given that 10M technology already has a foundation (such as previous hubs and switches, etc.), the usual workaround is to buy 10M / 100M network cards, which will help protect existing investments and further expand the network. For small and medium enterprises, 10M / 100M / 1000M network card should be the first choice when purchasing.

   Cable and Adapter The transmission rate of the network card should be selected according to the bandwidth requirement of the server or workstation and the maximum transmission rate that can be provided by the physical transmission medium. To Ethernet, for example, there are 10Mbps, 10 / 100Mbps, 1000Mbps, or even 10Gbps, but the higher the rate, the more appropriate. For example, it is a waste to configure a 1000M network card for a computer connected to a twisted pair with only 100M transmission speed because it can only achieve a transmission rate of up to 100M.

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